Care for Your Carpet with Bane-Clene® by Stiegel Valley Flooring

At Stiegel Valley Flooring, we think your carpet should last longer than you expect. We know that’s a tall order, but with expert carpet care and cleaning, you can extend the life of your home’s carpet—while making it look great!

The Many Advantages of a Clean Carpet

When you have the carpet in your home professionally cleaned, stains and odors can be eliminated. But it can solve other problems and answer these questions, too:

Soil that’s tracked into your home, especially in the winter months, contains minerals and ice-melting chemicals that can damage your carpets.
Minerals and chemicals can react with humidity in the air and may affect the dye in your carpets, causing them to change color.
Gritty material scratches carpet fibers, changes light refraction, and affects the way carpet looks.
Carpeting can trap allergens and then release them when walked or played on. However, cleaning your carpets regularly can remove those allergens, to relieve allergy suffering and protect health.
A whisper of vapor and a rush of air is all you’ll hear as cleaning solution is applied and extracted from your carpets. All heavy equipment operates from our truck, and there’s no bulky equipment that could damage your walls or furniture. Our truck is quiet too, so it won’t disturb your neighbors.
The patented Bane-Clene® system we use heats water to just the right temperature to prevent harm to delicate carpet fibers. A gentle, but effective, cleaning agent and pre-softened water vapor are used to loosen soil.
Immediate extraction used in the Bane-Clene® system assures sparkling-clean, residue-free carpets.
The Bane-Clene® solution is returned to the truck through a sealed hose so there is no danger of spillage in your home.
We never use your disposal facilities and never pump dirty water onto your lawn, driveway, or into the street. We haul all extracted water away from the carpet-cleaning site and properly dispose of it.
No. Moist air is vented outside your home so excess humidity and odors do not permeate your furnishings.
Yes, if you wish. Scotchgard, Sta-Clene®, and Teflon soil and stain retardants are available when Stiegel Valley Flooring cleans your carpet.
Yes, you can. With the Bane-Clene® system, carpets dry fast and immediately look fresh and bright.

Book Your Carpet Cleaning Today

Are you within 20 miles of Manheim, PA? Because Bane-Clene® patented carpet cleaning is in high demand in the Manheim, PA area, we encourage you to schedule your carpet cleaning without delay. You may also book recurring carpet cleaning to maintain optimal cleanliness and extend its life.